Sunday, 17 June 2012

Happy Fathers day!

I had never really though about or questioned where my love of bass came from. I just excepted it as a fact that may have been influenced in part by the music played by my older siblings and some of the sound systems that I was exposed to as a child via carnival and the parties held by the West Indian community in Luton. But then last Christmas I had a funny conversation with my Dad.

Last December, a few days before Christmas, I took the train back home to spend the holiday season with my family as I do every year and as usual, my Dad came to pick me up from the train station. After loading my bags and gifts into the car I got in and we had our usual catchup banter, he pulled up a red traffic light and turned up the volume on the stereo. Now, I wish I could remember what was playing, it was something like Smokey Robinson but I don't think it was... either way, it was what my dad said next that was most revealing.

"I wish I could hear the bass on this song better, I love to hear it on a proper system so I could hear the bass I really like to hear the bass in the song... you know?"

I looked at my dad and laughed. I knew new that my love of rum had come from him but it hadn't occurred to be before that moment that my bass obsession had come from him to. At this point, my dad is looking pretty confused - he doesn't know what kind(s) of music I listen to and that my philosophy about most of what  I do like was pretty much summed up by what he had just said nor is he aware of this blog based purely on my love of bass heavy music.

So thanks Dad - I owe this to you. Happy Fathers day x

(NOTE: Annoyingly, I wasn't able to get my hands on the picture(s) I wanted to go with this article in time (primarily one of my dad on his wedding day outside the church with his grooms-men, all suited and booted, afro's and dodgy moustaches and all looking like the Luton West Indian mafia) but I'll update it when I do.

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