Wednesday, 2 May 2012

86 Baby - Word of Mouth

Admittedly, I hadn't heard of 86 Baby until a couple of weeks ago when I was introduced to his music via Ill Blu's XLR8R mix (well worth a listen by the way).

'Word of Mouth' was definitely a stand out track and straight away it had me searching to find out more. There are a few bits out there including a couple of E.P.'s  available via the website and a few of remixes on his YouTube channel and SoundCloud page. 'Word of Mouth' however is definitely the one to put 86 Baby on the UK Funky map.

It's one of those tracks that does sound very simple but still seems to make a really big impact with it's punchy breathless sound effects, uncomplicated drum beat and afro-beat influence. Definitely worth a purchase.

Word of Mouth is available now via iTunes, and Amazon.

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