Friday, 6 May 2011

Valentine' by Jessie Ware and Sampha

After seeing him supporting Mount Kimbie at Heaven last week, I came across this little gem of a duet from Sampha and his Young Turks label mate Jessie Ware.

It’s not often that you will see a ballad featured on this blog, I generally find them quite cheesy and quite boring but every now and then I’ll come across a song which just pulls the right (heart) strings. I’ve always assumed it was because a really good bass line , for me, can affect me in ways I’m not even sure I can describe. Sometimes my eyes do well up with tears of joy,  my heart does skip a beat (or maybe I should just try stepping a few paces away from the sub-woofer?) – the same way I assume others might feel when listening to a heartfelt ballad.

This song not only has all the emotion of a tear jerker which you can hear in the understated, angelically sung vocals from both Jessie and Sampha but also a low gently rumbling bass-line in the chorus. Perfection.

'Valentine' is available buy now.

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