Thursday, 21 April 2011

In Bass I Trust Volume 2 - The Easter Mixtape

The long Easter weekend is upon us people and I have another playlist for all you bass heads out there.

If you missed the first one you can still access it via this link. If you didn't catch it, chances are you missed my  comment about how good Spotify has become of late with it's ever-growing back catalogue. Not even 24hrs after I had written this, Spotify decided to move the goalposts - typical.You can read the full statement here.

Whether you think it's still worth a look or not is your call, but personally I think I'll stick with it for now, so in the mean time check out the latest selection of tunes I have put together for you. Hopefully they'll put as big a smile on your face as they have on mine.All you have to do is click the Spotify logo below.

Happy Easter.

(Please be aware that clicking this image will launch Spotify if it is not already open)

The Forest - Zomby
Brazil (ft. Lilly MacKenzie) - FaltyDL
Love Dub (Refix) - Cooly G
See Other People - Cosmin TRG
Stereo Freeze - Untold
Pigeion (Blawan's Bare Bones Remix) - The Hundred In The Hands
Shade On - Girl Unit
Trilingual Dance Sexperience - Dorian Concept
You Know What I feel - Kyle Hall
Kaxa - Alphabet's Heaven

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