Thursday, 14 April 2011

In Bass I Trust - Volume 1

Its Thursday and not only are we very close to the weekend but we are coming to the last full working week until May (for most of us anyway) - Yay!

To help get you through the next couple of days I've put together the first of many 'In Bass I Trust' playlists which includes 50 minutes of bassy goodness.

You'll need Spotify (you can download it from here) to be able to enjoy it so if you don't have it, I do recommend downloading it as their library of music is pretty damn big and the back catalogue seems to be growing by the day. A couple of months back you couldn't find any of Burials music bar a remix or two. Now? Well just take a look for yourself. Granted, there is a fair way to go, it's no match for Sound Cloud or You Tube in terms of how quickly music is uploaded and you're unlikely to get any exclusives but for my money (even though I'm on a free subscription) it's well worth checking out and building your own playlists. Not only does it get me through my working day but it means I can save my ipod juice for the commute.

So, crank up your sub-woofer and get your lug holes round - 'In Bass I Trust Volume 1'

Enjoy :)
(Please be aware that this link will launch Spotify if it is not already open)

Launch Spotify

2bit Road - Mizz Beats
Toe Games Made Her Giggle - Dorien Concept
Battle For Middle You - Julio Bashmore
For Lost Relatives - Martyn
South London Boroughs - Burial
Tarantula - Ossie
Qawwali - Pinch
Nosestop - Aardvarck
Marie - NKC
Night Air (Ramadanman refix) - Jamie Woon

UPDATE - Spotify have just released a statement outlining their plans to place further limits on free subscriptions to the service (d'oh!). The full press release can be read here.

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